The global consumer goods space of the 21st century is an ever-changing one with mergers & acquisitions, rapid product innovations and constant change in consumer trends.  Across Asia, the adoption of new technology and volatility in complex and ambiguous landscapes that need to navigate rapidly for companies to remain competitive.  Organizations are integrating e-commerce market trends, digital, and social to drive growth.  The capacity to develop strategies that are beyond their own experience and influence for change to face the unknown future. Our leaders are happy to provide insights to the industry with specialization in the areas of FMCG and Luxury & Retail.



Financial Services And Insurance

The Financial Services industry is facing modest growth while being under tight scrutiny and increasing regulatory requirements.  A glimpse ahead shows an emphasis on innovative technologies to vastly facilitate the financial institutions – Banks, Private Equity, AssetManagement institutions adapt to new types of models and non traditional alliances to offer new products and Fintech capabilities to deliver customer centric solutions.  We find and assess leadership that is aware of and is dedicated to superior client service, which is the one constant in this ever-changing environment.  Our areas include Global Banking and Markets, Asset Management and Wealth Management, Consumer and Commercial Banking, Financial Technology, Real Estate, Private Equity.


The Insurance industry is in the middle of the digital transformation, with digital creating both threats and opportunities across sales, third-party distribution, underwriting and claims services.  We identify the right teams to help our clients capture digital opportunities.   Our partnership is to help companies in the sector attract, develop, and retain best-in-class executive talent.  Cognitive Technology & Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain Technology, Robotics Process Automation, Fintech and of course Cyber Security.




The global healthcare industry transformation continues, making the need for excellent talents more important than ever.  Healthcare costs are rising unsustainably and outpacing national economic growth rates.  Our consultants recruit, develop and advise senior leaders through an in-depth assessment and culture fit for the world’s leading healthcare company covering. Our specialization include Life Science, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Service Providers.




Improved productivity through automation, shifting labor trends, transfer of manufacturing locations, fluctuating costs and intellectual property concerns are all taken into consideration when looking for comprehensive organizational solutions built to drive growth in a traditional industrial world.  Manufacturers are at continued risk for disruption amidst ongoing volatility in costs and policy decisions.  As robotics replace human capital and skills are upgraded, visionary leaders need to adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment to keep up with market trends.   Our leaders provide key insights to market trends and landscapes within the many subsectors of the Industrial segment.



Information Technology And Telecommunications

All organizations are evolving at a rapid pace.   Information Technology is driving transformational change across organizations and is fundamentally changing their business models.  Corporations are evolving the business landscape and turn to our experts to help them face many important issues, including:  globalization, emerging and converging technologies, identifying new sources of revenue and most importantly, talent management and retention.  A new world is being created through digitalization from traditional formats with a rapid evolution taking place with new technology and applications.  Our advisory will cover areas of Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and Cybersecurity.


The Telecommunications industry with globalization, deregulation, technology convergence is making a significant impact today.  They “New” technology have revolutionized consumer and business-to-business interactions, business models, and profitability.  Convergence between telecom providers and content organizations has developed new areas for opportunities and competition.  Business leaders need to be adaptable to redefine market needs moving forward.  Our expertise to clients in the communications equipment and service provider space include Satellite-Based Services, Cable Services, Communications Software, Cellular and Wireless services, Wireless Equipment & Devices as well as Internet and Online Services.



Property & Construction

The demand for skilled construction talents is expected to increase with various infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residency projects which are growing in the South East Asia market.  In the coming years, the demand for construction talents in South East Asia will be more competitive with the retirement of key leaders and gap with middle managers.  As business partners, our methodology allows clients to engage into both active and passive talents in the industry.  We provide end-to-end consulting services based on extensive corporate and in-country experience.  Our teams will work collaboratively with clients to develop talent strategies for the Building, Property, Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction Industry.



Supply Chain

The supply chain industry has been adapting quicker and more strategically to the current era of automation and new technologies to drive productivity in the supply chain and logistic areas.  Asia-Pacific becomes the largest market for innovation accelerators in 2020.   “Digital Supply Chain” will work as a transparent integrated ecosystem involving from the suppliers of raw materials to the transporters and finally to the customers.  Goods are produced internationally and adapt to changes in government and policies.   Businesses is evolving under compliance and sustainability efforts.  We advise senior leadership on issues across all stages of the talent life cycle, and help organizations identify, assess, develop, and retain the talent needed to lead in these challenging times.  Our specialists bring an extensive experience in Asia over the past two decades with advisory on trends in emerging markets for Supply Chain and Logistics.